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The KB Difference

Providing high-quality genetics and customer service is what motivates our team each day.

KB Kutz has spent nearly 10 years seeking out the most potent cannabis strains and phenotypes to provide patients with some of the best medicinal marijuana cultivars for their medicine. Each phenotype has been grown to maturity over several cycles to ensure potency, medicinal value, and stability.

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Why Choose KB Kutz For Clones?

Mother Rooms stocked with genetics ready for cloning

KB Kutz maintains two mother rooms stocked with genetics ready to clone. The same clones that we sell are the ones we run in all of our flower rooms. Healthy clones come from healthy mothers, which is why our mothers receive the highest level of care.

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In Demand Genetics

KB Kutz is one of the few, if not the only, to offer some of the most sought after genetics available. When it comes to rare staple genetics, the clones for sale on KB Kutz are the best available.

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