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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in West Branch, Michigan. We do not have a physical location or storefront. For now, we offer shipping, delivery within Michigan on wholesale orders, and pickup at one of our partner locations.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, we have recently implemented a minimum order amount of $500.00. Single clone orders have been putting a strain on our overall ability to provide support to our customers. We are hoping to add more staff and scale in the very near future to allow for smaller orders.

Does KB Kutz Deliver Clones Locally in Michigan?

Yes we do, however, only for wholesale clients at this time. If you would like to place a wholesale order, please contact us

How long does it take to receive my clones once I have placed my order?

24 days or less. We do not keep hundreds of clones lying around our garden. We take clones on a per order basis. Once you place your order, we take fresh clones, allow them to root, and then place them in Pro-Mix for 1-2 days before shipping. We only ship healthy, rooted clones.

Do I need a Medical Card to purchase clones?

No. We can “gift” your clones and no medical card is needed.

The strain I want is out of stock, will it ever be back in stock?

If a strain shows out of stock, that means that we are giving our mothers a break or recently processed a large order and the mother needs time to recover. If a strain is no longer listed on our site, we have moved on from that particular cultivar and will soon replace it with other great genetics.

Does KB Kutz Ship Clones?

Yes, we can ship hemp seedlings and clones. Per the bulletin released by USPS found here: USPS Mailing Bulletin.
Marijuana/Hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC are considered hemp and are able to be shipped.
We DO NOT ship any type of THC products or consumables.

How Do I Get My Clones After I Have Placed My Order?

If you placed your order online, you chose the type of delivery and should have received a phone call, text message, or email if you selected ‘Local Pickup’. If you chose to have your order shipped, you will receive periodic email updates regarding the time and day of your shipment being put in the post.

How Many Clones Can I Buy?

Michigan law allows each household with an occupant over the age of 21 to possess 12 cannabis plants. Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can have as many Clones For Sale Online as you’d like, but please respect the laws. We do not recommend or encourage growing more than the legal limit.

Do you really sell clones for $50 and $100 each?!

As the saying goes, good clones aren’t cheap and cheap clones, well…
We strongly believe in the quality of our genetics and phenos and feel that we have priced our cuts appropriately.

If my clones are shipped, does KB Kutz offer any guarantee?

KB Kutz will guarantee that your clones arrive healthily and will remain healthy so long as they are being provided proper care. We address shipping complications on a case-by-case basis, however, we have never had any problems.

Do you ship to Canada or UK?

No. We cannot due to international law. This may change in the future as Canada and the US begin to create laws for importing.