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Runtz is an Indica/Sativa variety from Apothecary Genetics and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±63 days) and outdoors. Apothecary Genetics’ Runtz is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Apothecary Genetics’ Runtz Description
Logo Apothecary GeneticsApothecary Genetics RuntzWe are happy to present here Runtz, one of the genetic lines that are rocking the American cannabis market. The most reputable dispensaries are offering this variety, a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, which produces buds of portentous qualities. It is a cannabis plant with a powerful psychedelic effect and an excellent flavour.

Runtz ancestors
Runtz is a strain that stands out for its terpenic power. If we know the genetic lines that precede this variety we can understand the enormous potential of this cannabis hybrid.

On the one hand Zkittlez, a variety that has surpassed all limits offering sweet and fruity flavours, with a terpenic profile like the sweeties that suggest its name. An incredible tropical flavours mixture that makes it a plant that must be cultivated to know its real potential. It produces a powerful psychedelic effect accompanied by a relaxing Indica feeling. A balanced hybrid between the Indica and Sativa worlds.

On the other hand Gelato, a hybrid that has broken schemes. This plant called Italian ice cream has earned its name because of a terpenic profile that reminds us of delicious and creamy ice cream with sweet and fruity notes with a slightly earthy background that impregnates our taste buds.

Indoor Runtz cultivation
Runtz has vigorous growth following the cookies family style. It is a plant with a slender body that develops vertically with little lateral branching unless apical pruning is applied. Its cultivation does not offer many complications both indoors and outdoors, adapting well to SOG or SCROG cultivation methods. It adapts well to the various cannabis substrates such as soil, coconut, rock wool or pure hydroponic systems.

This variety offers colours that stand out for its purple tones providing a beautiful appearance to our garden, they are for sure really photogenic plants. Undoubtedly we must select among our plants a good specimen to keep as a mother plant and use it in future cultivations as often as we want.

The flowering stage is the most motivating period for any grower. This Zkittlez x Gelato hybrid makes cultivators enjoy watching as their indoor grow tents fill the space with good size buds, with a considerable yield of up to 450g per m2.

Outdoor Runtz cultivation
Cultivated outdoors we can obtain a plant of great dimensions. It is easy to cultivate, adapting well to pruning in order to improve its structure and have a more branched plant. The harvest is ready in October, with a yield of more than 600g per plant. Runtz produces buds with an exceptional flavour, which can be enhanced using organic fertilizers, thus expressing to the maximum its complex terpenic profile.

It produces first-class flowers both visually and olfactory. Its thick resin layer stands out beautifully against a purple background. The medium-sized and shiny buds are stone compact and show large calyxes.

Runtz offers aromas and flavours like a bag of fruity treats. Its taste reaches our mouth with soft and creamy smoke, accompanied by an uplifting and euphoric long-lasting effect.

Apothecary Genetics Runtz info:
Type: Regular cannabis seed
Genetics: Zkittlez x Gelato
Indica / Sativa hybrid
Indoor flowering: 9 weeks
Outdoor harvest: October
Indoor yield: 450g per m2
Outdoor yield: >600g per plant
THC: High